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Excited to learn

First-graders feel big. They’re no longer the youngest, and they’re learning and growing fast. Socially and emotionally, they need skills such as knowing how to calm down, get along with others, and practice empathy. The research-based Second Step program makes learning those lessons fun with colorful materials, new songs and videos, puppets, and engaging Brain Builder games.

Second Step Year 1 Kit

Excluding GST
  • Included in the Classroom Kit

    You’ll find everything you’ll need to teach the program in the classroom:

    • 22 scripted lessons
    • 22 Following Through activities
    • Take-home activities and Family Letters
    • Assessments and handouts
    • 5 colorful classroom posters
    • 4 Listening Rules Cards
    • 2 high-quality puppets (Puppy and Snail)
    • Grade 1 digital lesson media
    • Sing Out Loud music

    Online when you register your kit:

    • Lesson streaming media and digital lesson script
    • Easy-to-use teaching resources with specific instructions and tools to help you get the most out of the program
    • Online training
    • Video examples of lessons and games
    • Family materials to email home
    • Writable student handouts to print or email
    • Assessment tools
    • Program Implementation Guide
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