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The Power to Create a Positive School Climate

Set a foundation for social and academic success by teaching the Second Step program. Then build on those fundamentals with the Bullying Prevention Unit for grades K–5, with training for all school staff and lessons for students. 

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School-wide Improvement

It's never too early to provide students and staff with tools to prevent bullying, both in your school and in the community. Based on the latest field research, the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit teaches Kindergarten–Grade 5 students how to recognize, report, and refuse bullying.

Lifelong Success

As students master these crucial skills, educators and school staff learn to recognize and respond appropriately when they observe bullying or receive a bullying report, all while gaining insight into teaching the unit to children.

Each lesson notebook includes:

  • Durable, bound set of five story-based lessons

  • Online resources & backup lesson DVD

  • Activities to reinforce lessons

  • Colourful classroom posters

  • Family materials to connect with parents

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