Growing up and getting along

By second grade, students have gained a sense of independence and self-awareness and are ready to start solving problems on their own. Teachers use the research-based Second Step lessons and accompanying games, videos, and daily activities to teach students skills—such as how to avoid assumptions, pay attention and listen, finish tasks, and show compassion—that can lead to gains in confidence and school success.


Second Step lessons for Year 2 build on students’ K–1 skills, including skills for learning. Students hone their ability to pay attention, listen, and ignore distractions. They also learn how to respond to others with empathy, calm down, manage strong feelings, and solve problems.

The lessons are brought to life by stories filled with situations your students encounter on a daily basis during the school year, from navigating the play ground to taking tests. Five-minute Daily Practice activities and Home Links reinforce skills in class and at home.


For schoolwide implementation, we recommend one kit per classroom.

Second Step Year 2 Kit

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