Imaginative and friendly

In third grade, students make academic and social leaps, reading more challenging books, working through multi-step math problems, and participating more in collaborative work and shared learning experiences. The research-based Second Step program provides engaging videos and lively Brain Builder games to make it easier to learn skills like managing anxiety and disappointment and how to work together respectfully.


For schoolwide implementation, we recommend one kit per classroom.

Second Step Year 3 Kit

Excluding GST
  • Each Second Step Grade 3 classroom kit includes:

    - A4 Binder of 22 durable color photo-lesson cards
    - 4 Unit Cards for teachers
    - 4 colorful classroom posters
    - 4 Skills for Learning Cards
    - Grade 3 DVD
    - Sing and Step music CD


    Teaching Materials Binder that contains:
    - 22 Following Through Cards
    - 11 Home Link activities
    - 10 student handouts