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Connected and collaborative

As fourth-grade students interact even more with peers, the research-based Second Step program reinforces skills such as participating in conversations, giving compliments, managing strong feelings, and taking responsibility. They’ll love the award-winning music videos, which can make remembering their problem-solving and calming-down skills a breeze.

Second Step Year 4 Kit

Excluding GST
  • Each Second Step Grade 4 classroom kit includes:

    • 22 scripted lessons
    • 3 Unit overviews for teachers
    • 3 colorful classroom posters
    • Access to digital resources for all staff 
    • 22 Following Through activites
    • 22 Home Link activities
    • 22 student handouts

    Online when you register your kit:

    • Streaming Lesson Media and digital lesson scripts
    • Easy-to-use teaching resources with specific instructions and tools to help you get the most out of the program
    • Online training
    • Video examples of lessons and games
    • Family materials to email home
    • Writable student handouts to print or email
    • Assessment tools
    • Program Implementation Guide
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