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Confident and responsible

Fifth-grade students pay attention to social status and need skills to deal with gossip and peer pressure. Additionally, they need skills to help them self-regulate so they can focus in class and learn. The research-based Second Step program includes activities, award-winning videos, and guided classroom discussions to help students understand the complexities of feelings and reactions so they can be ready to learn and deal with emotions and problems responsibly.


Grade 5 Second Step lessons build on students’ K–4 skills, including skills for learning. Students will strengthen their empathy, emotion-management, and problem-solving skills while learning to use them in social and academic settings. Whether they have a disagreement with a friend or test anxiety, students will be better poised to make positive choices.


The highly interactive program gives students them plenty of opportunities to practice skills and participate in discussions. Videos for every lesson dramatize scenarios that fifth-graders encounter in school and three fun, award-winning animated music videos further engage students and reinforce skills.


Second Step Year 5 Kit

Excluding GST
  • In the Folder

    • 22 weekly scripted lessons
    • 3 Unit overviews for teachers
    • 3 colorful classroom posters
    • Access to the digital resources for all staff
    • 22 Following Through Cards
    • 22 Home Link activities
    • 22 student handouts

    Online when you register your kit:

    • Lesson streaming media and digital lesson script
    • Easy-to-use teaching resources with specific instructions and tools to help you get the most out of the program
    • Online training
    • Video examples of lessons and games
    • Family materials to email home
    • Writable student handouts to print or email
    • Assessment tools
    • Program Implementation Guide
  • 1 Kit P&H $30.00

    2-6 $60.00

    Over 6 Kits contact the office

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